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Our Services

SMB is a client-focused environmental consulting company that prides itself on providing high quality and timely service. Our superior performance on initial projects is frequently rewarded by additional sole source contracts for larger, more complicated, and very controversial projects. Such routine votes of confidence are the most salient demonstration of our ability to provide the environmental compliance services required for any project.  The services we offer include:

Project Planning and Development

SMB provides an innovative yet practical approach to planning for the successful development and implementation of project.  We understand the complexities involved and can streamline the process to get your project implemented on time and within budget.

Project concept development
·   Alternatives development and analyses
Constraints/opportunities analyses
·   Environmental economic, technical and risk analyses
·   Public scoping and facilitation

Environmental Compliance

SMB’s in-house environmental specialists provide technical analysis to support the CEQA/NEPA process for a wide range of small to large water and wastewater plans, projects and programs.

California Environmental Quality Act
Categorical Exemptions
Initial Studies/Negative Declarations
Environmental Impact Reports
National Environmental Policy Act
Categorical Exclusions
- Environmental Assessments/
  finding of No Significant Impacts
- Environmental Impact Statements

Funding Support

SMB understands the federal and state funding process and how to help clients obtain grants and low interest loans for project development and implementation through programs such as Propositions 50 and 84; U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Title XVI and Water for America Challenge Grant Programs; California Clean Water State Revolving Fund; and numerous others.

Grant opportunity identification
·   Grant strategy development
·   Grant proposal writing and development
·   Grant administration

Project Permitting

SMB regulatory and permitting experts are current with the latest federal, state, and local regulatory requirements and are adept at negotiating complex permitting agreements, and fulfilling reporting, monitoring and testing requirements on behalf of our clients. We provide innovative yet practical solutions to small projects as well as to large program challenges. From the initial field investigations through permit review, construction and mitigation monitoring we demonstrate a high level of accuracy, integrity and efficiency—informing the best possible outcomes.

Resources Agency Coordination
Endangered Species Act
•  National Historic Preservation Act
Clean Water Act
·   Clean Air Act
Mitigation monitoring and reporting programs
·   Construction compliance monitoring
·   State and federal permitting

Project/Program Management – Extension of Staff

Sound project/program management is essential for projects to be successfully implemented.  SMB helps clients manage their water and wastewater projects which often involve multi-disciplined teams including engineers, attorneys, biologists, environmental and regulatory specialists, and public involvement specialists.  Often for large, complex, and controversial projects, having an independent and objective project/program manager is advantageous to help keep the project on track.  For these kinds of projects, we serve as an extension to staff to help our clients select the right team, manage the work products, keep the team focused on the work products while we keep track of the overall project/program’s goals and objectives, quality control and assurance, schedule, and budget.  Our experience has shown that effective management is critical for implementing a successful project on-time and within budget. Regular communication, reporting of progress, schedule and budget status updates, and proactive discussion and resolution of project issues are the basis of our project/program management approach.

Request for Proposal development
•  Review proposals and assist in selection of consultants
•  Overall budget and schedule tracking
•  P
roject coordination meetings
•  Quality control reviews
•  Proactive resolution of problems and issues
•  Public involvement strategy development

Public Involvement, Education and Participation

SMB provides clients with a thorough understanding of the planning and regulatory programs that guide public involvement.  As a result, we are able to help clients design and manage their public involvement and education activities very effectively. Our approach results in meaningful and productive involvement for both our clients, stakeholders, and the general public.

Community outreach programs
Data management and presentation
·   Facilitation, negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution
·   Meeting and workshop planning
Public/stakeholder coordination programs
Public scoping
·   Promotional campaigns
Strategic public involvement program planning and implementation


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