SMB Environmental, Inc.
                                      Specializing in Water and Wastewater Projects

The consultants at our firm have decades of experience working with water and wastewater projects.  See below for a few of the projects we are currently involved in.

Folsom Water Supply and Conveyance Project, City of Folsom

SMB is managing the environmental impact analysis report for the Folsom’s proposed Water Supply and Conveyance Project to serve the planned Folsom Specific Plan Area.  The proposed development consists of 10,093 dwelling units on approximately 3,600 acres of land located south of Highway 50 and currently lacks a sufficient water supply. The City is proposing to acquire the water rights totaling 8,000 acre-feet of water per year (AFY) from the Natomas Central Mutual Water Company (NCMWC) and conveying it to the Folsom Specific Plan Area.  SMB’s Steve Brown identified and evaluated the environmental impacts of the various alternatives to get the water to the Folsom Specific Plan Area.  This analysis is being incorporated into the ongoing environmental impact report and environmental impact statement to meet both CEQA and NEPA requirements.

GET Water Supply Development, East Sacramento County Water Alliance

SMB is providing project/program management consulting services to coordinate the technical and process-related activities associated with the settlement negotiations between the City of Folsom, Aeojet, Sacramento County Water Agency, and Golden States Water Company for the development and use of the groundwater extraction and treatment (GET) water supplies in east Sacramento County.

Folsom Water System Optimization Review Program, City of Folsom

SMB is assisting the City of Folsom with the development of its Water System Optimization Review (SOR) Program that it received a grant under the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s (USBR) Water for America Challenge Grant Program. The City’s proposed SOR will assess the potential to improve water conservation, increase water use efficiency, and enhance water management to ensure the long-term sustainability of the City’s water supplies. Preliminary estimates suggest that the City can save and/or conserve approximately 5,000 to 10,000 acre-feet per year (afy) and make that water available for banking, sale, lease, or transfer. This represents 15 to 30 percent of the City’s total water supply. SMB is working with the City and with potential regional partners and stakeholders to develop a conjunctive use program in the Sacramento County Central Groundwater Basin (Central Basin) to store that conserved/saved water for use in the dry and critically dry years as well as to make that water available for sale, lease, or exchange with other water users for regional water supply sustainability and/or mutual benefit. 

Los Carneros Recycled Water Pipeline Project, Los Carneros Water District
SMB is preparing an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration on the Los Carneros Recycled Water Pipeline Project which proposes to construct an approximately12-mile recycled water pipeline to serve the 5,700 acres of agricultural land within the District.  The Proposed Project would consist of a 6 to 24-inch pipeline system that would connect to the planned 24-inch recycled water pipeline to serve the Stanly Ranch/St. Regis area from the Napa Sanitation District’s Imola Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The Los Carneros Project would connect to the end of the Stanly Ranch/St. Regis pipeline and construct a new pipeline system from that point on for approximately 12 miles up and through the District. The proposed pipeline system would be located within existing roadway and would not require any pump stations or storage facilities. The Proposed Project would serve approximately 140 parcel or 3,400 acres of irrigatable land within the District with a recycled water supply that meets Title 22 requirements of approximately 1,650 acre-feet per year.

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